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Cloth Menstrual Pads

saving the earth one period at a time!

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laundry for a newbie
Hi Everyone,
I'm new to cloth pads (I just got a few, I haven't even used them yet ;) but I'm excited to try them next month!) I've been reading about cleaning them in preparation for next month, and it seems like there are several different philosophies. I'm sure there's no "one correct way" that works for everyone, but I'm hoping to hear some of why people prefer their chosen method and get some tips to figure out what I will do.
First of all, some laundry background: I live alone, and I have an ANCIENT septic system, so I don't do laundry very often (like every two weeks max, I just own a lot of underwear and socks and mostly only do laundry when I run out) and I try to use all natural cleaners. I also normally put 1/2 cup vinegar in the rinse cycle, as a fabric softener, because I hang dry a lot of my clothes, and I normally use a dryer sheet in the dryer (but I already know not to do that with the pads).
Anyway, I've read about rinsing, soaking, wet-bagging, dry-bagging, etc, and I'm a little confused/overwhelmed. I could just hand wash them, and I probably will do that mid-cycle, until I have a bigger stash. But after I have enough pads to last a cycle, I don't think I would like to have a soaking pot, because I will almost definitely forget to change the water daily. Should I rinse them and then hang dry them and then wait for laundry day? Some of the pad makers actually recommend doing nothing before laundry day, but I feel like they aren't thinking of waiting for two weeks... How much will they strain if I don't rinse them? I don't mind a bit of staining, but I don't want them to look totally disgusting. By the way, the pads I have are all cotton topped. So then, I think my choices are:
1. Hand wash (always)
2. Rinse after cycle, hang dry, wait for laundry day.
3. Just fold them up and toss them in the hamper after cycle.
I welcome any opinions or suggestions (and thank you for reading my novel!)
As a sort of side note, would anyone be willing to share some photos of pads they've had for a while, to show examples of how much staining to expect, or is that too weird of a request? If you're willing, please tell your washing method as well.

Upcycled Wool Pad
LJ would not let me reply to thread to Dalyax, so reposting here.  This is the upcycled wool pad I just made, can't wait to try it out :) Don't think will be offering wool pads for sale as fabric is over the top expensive :Pwoolpad

Colors and Light
Hi there! I've been using a menstrual cup for nearly a decade now, but I've never used cloth pads! I always wanted to try making my own but I didn't know how, so I finally did some research and here's what I came up with. I only made a couple so I can test them and redesign if I need to.

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Batting in Cloth Pads (Part 2)
Cloth pads
Hi everyone!

I thought I'd share some photos regarding the batting in cloth pads post. These photos are some pads I purchased a few years ago that have cotton batting in them. So I'd thought I'd show how batting looks like and the negatives about it. Some folks in the previous post were curious about how it can look like in a pad.

Some photos!
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The original batting in cloth pads post has a really nice description about its negatives. Simply put it's not appropriate at all for cloth pads. If you are browsing around to buy and a listing is not specific about what type of cotton is in a cloth pad - do be picky. I've also seen cotton batting go by "Warm and Natural cotton", "cotton with no glues or resins", "cotton wadding", "natural cotton lining unbleached", "absorbent cotton material", " all natural absorbent layer/inner". When I purchased these pads, the listing said organic cotton as the core, but I mistakenly thought it was organic cotton fleece because it was fluffy like... The same applies for bamboo too. Bamboo batting is nothing like real bamboo fabrics. Cloth pads that have batting look poofy or thick in the center area similar to a flat seat cushion. But when you receive them, what looked like poofy and thick is just air and the pad is oddly light despite being poofy/thick. A listing that says "cotton" absorbent inner isn't enough information.

I'd also like to note that batting is a bit more pricey than good old cotton flannel. Paying more for something (the batting) that isn't a fabric or even durable confuses me, I guess because it adds a "poofyness" without needing much layers?
That being said, cotton flannel is a fantastic fabric for cloth pads. It's fairly inexpensive, easy to find and so durable. It is also pretty absorbent when there is enough layers and dries pretty quickly. It's easy to sew with even for beginners as it doesn't slide around much and keeps its shape. Cotton terrycloth is also another great fabric too, it's a bit thicker than cotton flannel though.
There is also another fabric called "Cotton Birdseye Diaper Cloth" which is mainly used for things like cloth diapers, cloth wipes, or un-paper towels. It is also absorbent, quick-drying and inexpensive.
ETA: Bamboo flannel is also sold online. It's really soft but a bit slippery.

 I'd just like to inform newbies to cloth pads or those looking to make their own. Customers do have a right to know what they are buying. Cloth pads are an investment and money doesn't grow on trees, obviously! Be informed and be picky :)

Comments or questions? :)

Destashing Sckoon Pads - *Update: There are only a few pads left!
Hello Ladies,

I am a returning member of this community, but have not been active since 2006, so I just renewed my account with Livejournal and rejoined the Cloth Pads community again.

Recently I started destashing my collection of cloth pads and I have a lot that I don't use and would like to sell. I am not sure if I am allowed to post this here or not. If I am not, I do apologize and in that case please feel free to delete my post.

The pads that I have are mainly Sckoon organic cotton ones. I have them in all sizes (12 day pads, 16 day liners, 2 night pads, 3 night liners, 11 mini pads, 11 mini liners), both with leak-proof sheets built in and without. Among the day pads, I have 2 Sckoons that were sold long time ago (one of their very earliest styles that had no binding around the edges. I set them a bit apart from the others on the pics so you can see them well); only 1 of them was used once but I don't know which because I pre-wash all my pads. Overall, the pads are gently used, however, some of the minis have only been washed but not used.
I've included pics, if you need to see more, please e-mail me.

I also have 2 organic cotton undies from Blue Canoe brand that have been pre-washed but never been used in size L, and 1 Sckoon undie (dog print) in size S.

There is one mini Lunapads (cat print) with a regular liner (wingless) and one winged liner. This pad have been only used once, then I concluded it was too small for me.

There are 9 other pads in various sizes (4 are organic cottons) that I'll include free of charge. 1 geisha print that I bought a long time ago but I forgot the name of the seller, 3 other All-in-One Sckoon pads, and 1 Hagrag in the Little Horsey print with a matching liner and an additional large, pink Hagrag liner.

There are also 2 Sckoon carrying pouches.

I have a few more pads and liners that I'd like to give away but I didn't include them because they have slight staining and not sure if anyone wants these. If you do, please let me know, I'll include those as well free of charge. I just hate to throw things away with little blemish.

This is a huge stash and a great collection of Sckoon pads (that are unfortunately quiet expensive brand new) and includes items that are not manufactured anymore. It's also great if you are a collector of Sckoon prints!

As far as payments go, the price is $100, or you can make me your best offer. (Pads must go, because I just downsized and need space.) Price also includes shipping and handling to the US and I can take PayPal. If you live outside of the US, please let me know where.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me, I am glad to answer them! You can e-mail me at ivi_jeremy@msn.com


P.S. If you need to see more photos of anything in specific let me know, I can send you additional pictures!

*Update: There are only a few pads left since a few people asked me to break up the stash. If you are interested in any of them please e-mail me, or message me here. I only have a few day pads ($6) and a little bit more minis ($4) left, I also have a few other pads that are not from Sckoon (2 Mimi's Dreams ($3 each), 1 Luna Pads mini with 2 liners ($4). I used to make my own pads for sale and I just unearthed a few pads that only needs snaps and some that are cut up and ready to sew. I will list these soon in a separate listing, but if you are interested in the bunch let me know.

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Clothcycle updates and offers
Hello cloth pad live journal members, I would like to share my new creations.

Enchanted Sky, Organic Bamboo Velour facing, quilters cotton back. Check details here

In April buy four or more pads or liners and use the coupon code LJ10 at checkout for 10% off your entire order, or for 8 or more items get 15% off your entire order using code LJ15

Standard 25cm, Enchanted Sky, Bamboo Velour
Coupon can not be used with other coupon, excludes shipping - valid for use at www.clothcycle.com.au
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You can also check out my page/follow for updates: http://www.facebook.com/clothcycle.com.au

and my blog http://blog.clothcycle.com.au


Waiting is the Hardest Part

I like looking at what others are buying/making as a newbie to the cloth world. I haven't used cloth pads yet, waiting for my to arrive from various sellers. I just heard about cloth pads a little over a week ago.

I decided to try my hand at making my own so I won't need to buy any more disposables for my next period in case my packages don't arrive in time.

I am also just learning to sew, and so don't pay attention to the seams. LOL. :)

I used material I had sitting in my material stash.

This was my first batch using different patterns from the Internet. I really struggled with the curved areas.

I decided to give up and try and make my own pattern based off a disposable I have that had straight lines.

They are 10 inches long, 2.5 inches wide in the middle when snapped.
Hopefully they work until I receive my mail.

Thank you to everyone for sharing your personal stories and stashes. It has been extremely helpful as I start my cloth pad journey.


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stash pt 1
drawer 1 wo front
this is where i keep my stash. Its one of the deeper drawers in my 5 drawer organizer.

More stash pics to come once i finally take some:-p

Pad De-stash
Dianne Hamilton Andrews
Hi -

I was on here a few years ago as DiannesDiapers.

I am destashing all of the pads that I don't currently use. Some were used, and loved, by me but no longer work for me (probably too short). Some were purchased for my teen foster daughters. I've been saving them for future teen daughters, but we don't plan on fostering teens any longer.

Pads range in usage from new & washed, to well loved. Several have light-to-medium stains. I haven't tried sunning any of them. All pads, except the liners, include PUL.

Pads, regardless of condition, are $1 each, plus shipping. Below each photo should be a description, but if you need more info on any of them, let me know!


Pads for Sale

Selling huge stash of Justfussy, Domino Pads, Lunapads, Naturally Hip, Honouryourflow, Aprilmdesigns

Hi, haven't been on for a while, but I finally started using my new Mooncup and decided to do a destash of my HUGE pad collection. You wouldn't believe how many I have still kept for myself after taking these out!

I have Lots of really great, expensive pads in many different sizes, some that are absolutely fantastic for a very heavy flow.  Some of these are BRAND NEW but ALL of the used pads have been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized with oxygen cleaner.