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Cloth Menstrual Pads

saving the earth one period at a time!

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Cloth Menstrual Pads

Hello and welcome to cloth_pads! This community is for discussion of cloth menstrual products. Including and not limited to, cloth pads, (also known as mama pads), moon pots, cloth wipes, family wipes, cloth breast pads...etc.

Are you totally overwhelmed with all the different cloth pad products out there? Looking to share your expertise and experience with women making the switch? cloth_pads is the place for you for great discussion about alternative menstrual products!

Don't expose your most delicate parts to chemical gels and plastics! Allowing your blood to flow naturally, and your skin to breathe!

We welcome questions, but before you post, have a look through our community Memories and the Tags List, to see if your questions have been answered there.

Articles Worth Reading
Why Make The Switch?
Eight Myths about Washable Menstrual Pads Dispelled
Everything you need to know about Menstrual cups
How To Clean Cloth Menstrual Pads: A Super Easy Way!
Informative site on ALL kinds of reusable menstrual products
"Batting" material in cloth pads, Batting in cloth pads (2nd post) - Don't buy!
PUL (water-proof fabric) in cloth pads

Reusable Menstrual Products Chat Room

Community Mods:
If you need a mod, or want to be added to the list of pad makers below... contact one of us.
jinxgoddess - Hope - mimis.dreams AT yahoo.com
purple_obsidian - Obsidian - obsidian AT obsidianstar.net
dalyax - Dalya

Cloth Pad Websites

A website with a wide range of Cloth Pad, Menstrual Cup, Menstrual Sponge and other menstrual related information.

Information on donating menstrual products to women in need

Information on cloth pad brands and where to buy them

A forum for leaving reviews on reusable menstrual products and accessories as well as patterns for cloth pads.

Members who make Cloth Menstrual Pads:
(In Alphabetical order)

ao_tsuki17 - Sleeping Doe
cmarie14 - WeeEssentials & WeeEssentials Etsy Shop & Clothpadshop
countycloth - County Cloth Creations Etsy Shop
dalyax - thatpinksack!
fairyluver - Vaj Pads
hairballsplat - PButterJelly75's Etsy Shop
indigo_dawn - Indigo Honey @ Cloth Pad Shop
jackierhoffman - Punky's Pads
jinxgoddess - mimis_dreams & Saucy Tots & Mimi's Dreams Etsy Shop
littlravn - Velvet Rabbit Cloth Etsy Shop & Velvet Rabbit @ Clothpadshop
ljoa - Yurtcraft Etsy Shop & Yurtcraft @ Clothpadshop
majortom_thecat - Amy's Rag Bag & @ Cloth Pad Shop
matersum - Matersum Etsy Shop & Matersum.com
neonvultures - iKarly Etsy Shop
poppleshatesyou - C-Pop Commodities Etsy Shop
purple_obsidian - Obsidian Star & founder of www.clothpadshop.com
tamarack_gal - Tamarack Creations Etsy Shop
themushroomtree - The Mushroom Tree Etsy Shop
yurtdweller - Quirky Quintessentials

(If you would like a community added to this list, please drop us a note here and we'll add you right away!

Cloth Pad Related Communities

clothpadsales - Cloth pad sales/trades/swaps
diy_pads - Make your own pads!
clothpadsellers - A place for cloth pad makers to discuss pad selling issues
clothpad_makers - A community for cloth pad makers
(If you would like a community added to this list, please drop us a note here and we'll add you right away!

Menstrual health communities:
menstrual_lib - Menstrual activism
menstrualhut - The Menstrual Hut
bloodmoonherbs - Blood Moon Herbs
vaginapagina - 15,500+ Vulva-Loving Superstars
blood_art - Menstrual Art
vagina_art - Vagina Art
menstrual_cups - Menstrual Cup Support
divacup - Divacup
(If you would like a community added to this list, please drop us a note here and we'll add you right away!

Simple Rules
1. Don't violate the LiveJournal TOS.
2. ALL but 1 moderately sized photo must be behind an LJ cut tag. Oohh look, a tutorial.
3. Please follow our advertising guidelines (below).
4. Hopefully we're all adults, lets behave as such

***Asking for samples?***
Many situations have occurred in this community in which cloth pad sellers have been ripped off by folks interested into taking samples and doing blog reviews on them. Most who do this do not have good intentions are not serious about cloth pads.
Situations "Sample requesting", "Cloth Pad Solicitation", Vegan craft samples.
This will NO longer be tolerated. Your post will be deleted, and if you keep up asking, you will be banned.
Questions are welcome, but asking for freebies/samples is NOT.
There are big cloth pad companies such as GladRags, Lunapads, and Party in my Pants that offer freebies, samples, or discounts.

Advertising Guidelines
1. Advertising posts should be limited to 1 advertising post per user per month.
2. Advertisers should also participate in the community (posting in discussion threads) rather than solely using this platform as advertising for their business.
3. All business advertising posts are to be tagged with "advertising" and your vendor name (if you have one, use "other" if you don't).
4. Selling of your personal stash items is to be tagged "stash sellout" instead of the above.
5. As the vendor tags are also used so that people can look back at discussions about that brand (not just for the advertising), we would appreciate that old sales/advertising posts that are no longer needed, be deleted to free up space in these vendor tags.

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