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A couple cleaning issues

Hi everyone,

I recently decided to start using cloth pads. Using a menstrual cup has turned me off from disposables, but I don't like wearing my menstrual cup non-stop during my period.

This is my third month using cloth pads, and my first month using them on my heavier days. I love them and find them very comfortable, but I've run into a couple cleaning-related concerns:

- I'm not really that concerned about staining, but I do want to make sure that my pads are clean. This month, I folded them up, put them in a mesh laundry bag, and only rinsed them under cold water just before I was ready to put them in the washing machine (in this case, about 48 hours after I started wearing them). This seems to have worked fine with all my pads except one. I have a light-absorbency minky pad that smelled musty in one spot after washing. I worry it had a chance to mildew or something, even though I didn't pre-soak it.

And more generally, is throwing them in the washer with detergent after giving them a quick rinse and hand-scrub under cold water an adequate way of getting them clean? I read about people having much more complicated washing routines, but they seem to be mostly geared toward avoiding stains, and I haven't had any trouble with that so far.

- One of my thicker pads is really hard to get dry. Trying to air dry it is a joke, and even when I put it in the dryer, sometimes it doesn't get completely dry. The thing is, it's hard to tell--it'll feel dry when I take it out, but then I guess some moisture spreads from the core and it'll feel damp again. I'm not sure there's anything that can be done about that, but does anyone else have this trouble?

Thank you for your input!

New to cloth pads. Any recommendations or tips?

Hello community! I haven't read much off of this community yet hence the title ;) so please forgive me if I've asked a question that's been asked over and over. Anyways, I was thinking about trying out cloth pads soon except I have no idea which to get and which are the most effective. So, to start out, I have a "normal" period and have been using the Always disposable pads and liners since I started my period ( about a year ago ;) ). I would like non fleece backed pads ( maybe some listings and descriptions of different backing would be nice! ) and 3 different pantyliners ( smaller ones, thiner ones, max absorbency et cetera ) along with 3 heavy pads, 2 light pads ( do I need these or should I just use pantyliners? ) and 3 regular absorbency cloth pads along with where to buy them ( I would like to be able to buy them on ). I'm probably asking way too much but I would appreciate it if you guys ( or should I say gals ) could help me out by listing some good brands and/or brands to stay away from. Ok well I think that wraps up my questions. Or maybe not. I am also planning to use menstrual cups and/or sea sponge tampons during the day ( with cloth pantyliners as backup ) and heavy/regular cloth pads during the night or when I feel like using cloth pads. Do you think 3 heavy and 3 regular with 3 liners and maybe 2 lights will be enough? Oh and one more concern: how do I care for the cloth pads ( what to use for washing/sterilizing? Also, how do you think I should approach my parents about this? My mom hasn't ever used anything other than disposables. Worst to worst, would being stuck with disposable pads be so bad? Thanks!

Cloth liners for everyday use

Hi everyone! I just finished my first cycle with a menstrual cup, and now I'm thinking of switching to reusables for everyday use. I just ordered three reusable liners from a local online store (I'm based in the Philippines and this is the only store that sells RUMPs, and I'm not sure if I'll like the liners so I purchased only three), and I'm hoping to transition to reusables ASAP. Here are a couple of concerns, after the cut!
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I am preparing to make some cloth pads, and have some issues that I hope you will be able to help me with.

My Fabrics:
Heavy Bamboo Velour 360GSM (for the top)
super Heavy Bamboo Fleece 500GSM (for the absorbent core)
Bamboo Flannel
Polar Fleece Cotton Flannel (for the bottom)

My questions are:
1. How many layers of Bamboo Fleece should I use for the inner core? Is 1 layer sufficient when coupled with the other fabrics or should I use 2 or 3?
2. Should these fabrics wash and dry fairly easily? (I didn't think about this until after I had purchased the fabrics...)

Thank you,

Washing with a salad spinner (now with update)

Hi! I started using cloth pads a few months ago and it's been great. But, washing is a pain. I don't have access to a washing machine. I live with my parents and they don't like me washing anything underwear related in the machine (I didn't even mention pads, I just asked if I could wash regular underwear and they looked at me as if I wanted to raise a demon from hell or something). So, I have been handwashing my pads. But it is so much work that I'm starting to think it's not worth the effort and maybe I should just not use cloth pads after all.

Anyway, as I was googling about easier ways to do handwashing, I discovered salad spinners. So, my question is, does anyone use a salad spinner to clean their pads? Does it really work? Is it a suitable replacement to a washing machine?

Thanks to everyone who replied. I bought a salad spinner and tried it out. It didn't work for me. There wasn't enough agitation of the water, to the point where even famously stain-resistant minky emerged from the process still stained. And after I used it for drying, I gave my pads a squeeze and a tonne of water came out. I had to rewash all my pads by hand afterwards. So, essentially, the salad spinner did nothing except waste my time, water and money. I'm very disappointed. :(

Anyone got any other ideas to easily clean cloth pads by hand and in bulk?

washing cloth pads to prevent yeast

Hey I'm new here and just wondering if there is some way I should wash my pads to help prevent yeast infections or to keep them from being contaminated. While I had a YI I used disposables but I'm wondering if it is safe to use cloth during a YI and if so how to wash them properly to avoid more infections. Thanks! Oh and most of my pads are minky/bamboo/fleece/cotton/flannel. I don't use pads with PUL.

Recs for hand-dyed bamboo velour pads?

I've checked the wiki and pad recs forum but they don't seem to have been updated in a while, I'm sure more sellers have popped up since then.

Does anyone have any recommendations for hand-dyed OBV pads? (Actually, whether it's organic or not doesn't bother me!)

I purchased pads from Pink Lemonade and there were some issues with the pads, the wings don't meet up well so they jut out at odd angles and can't be worn with anything other than a flowy skirt. The top fabric doesn't match up with the backing so they feel a little off when worn. This is more nitpicky than anything, but they all came out as one color instead of a swirl of colors, which was a little disappointing. I like the fit of the pads but I'd like to check out more sellers that create hand-dyed pads.

All of my other pads came from Etsy (Mimi's Dreams, Yurtcraft, Trojacek Farms) and I love them all! I've had absolutely no problems with any of them. There are so many sellers on Etsy that I can't really wade through them all to look for hand-dyed pads so does anyone have any recs?

DIY/Around the House Materials


I recently started getting into reusables. I bought a menstrual cup and used it for my last cycle, and I'm very happy with it. However, I'd like to get a few cloth pads and pantiliners to use as well.

My mom has been pretty supportive of my choice to use RUMPs, so that isn't a problem. However, money is.

I'm a teenager that has no job -- meaning very little income.

I really want to get some pads to use, but I only have around $40 MAXIMUM to spend at the moment. I could save up over time, but I still would like to get some cheaper options.

Could someone point me toward a less expensive source of pads or liners, or help me figure out how to make my own? I'm mainly in need of liners, so pads are pretty much optional if need be.

If possible, I'd like to use some at-home materials. I have some fleece, denim, a bit of flannel, and MAYBE cotton fabric, if they would be useful. I also have cotton yarn, if it's possible to knit or crochet them. Is there anything I could use that I might have in my home -- for instance, cotton socks?

Brand New YurtCraft Destashing!!!!!!!

Hello everyone! I recently bought some yurtcraft pads and these were the few pads that did not fit me. I have not used these, I only washed them and tried them on. I will wash them again before shipping them. These are the perfect pads if you want to have something for day and night protection. They are all cotton topped with an organic bamboo cottion core and windpro polyester fleece backing. I have:
1-16" pad (heavy absorbency)
1-14.5" pad (heavy absorbency)
1-12.5" pad (Limited Print)heavy absorbency
1-10.5" pad (heavy absorbency)

                                                                      The 16" pad

  The 14.5" pad

                                                             The 12.5" pad

                                                                    The 10.5" pad

                                                           The back view

All together i am charging $40 including shipping since they are new.

Destash: 7-8" PiMPs, Pink Lemonade, C-Pop Commodities


8 pads, all 7-8 inches long -- too short for me, but may be more comfortable for others. Although none of them have been heavily used because of the length issue and I've washed them thoroughly, all have some degree of staining, which I've tried my best to show in the photos.

I'd prefer to sell the whole lot for $18.25 but if not, prices are listed next to the item names.

PayPal preferred. Shipping will have to be as calculated (but I'll charge less than the actual rate) unless you buy the lot, in which case I'll ship for a flat $2.

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