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I recently switched to cloth pad and I'm hooked — so much better than the disposable stuff! However, I'm wondering what kind of soap/detergent I should use.

My pads are mostly made from organic cotton, with only one layer (on the outside) made from polyester. The manufacturer recommends using a natural, non-aggressive detergent, but they also advise against using "oil" soaps as, apparently, they can saturate the fibers in the long term, and make the pads less absorbant.

Now, I'm a bit confused because the only natural, DIY detergent I know of is made with soap — vegetable oil soap.

What do you gals suggest? What are you using for your pads? Does natural soap really affect the pads' efficiency? I'm looking for something natural, free from animal products, and that I can make at home.

Thank you in advance!


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