sugarblush15 wrote in cloth_pads

Cloth pads side leakage?

I used to use menstrual cups and loved it but I just recently gave birth and the thought of sticking up a menstrual cup right now is terrifying so I ordered some cloth pads, all from well established sellers. I got my period at 9 weeks pp and decided to give them a try but they all seem to be leaking on the sides only after 3-4 hours of usage and I'm using heavy, ultra/postpartum absorbencies! No, I don't have a super heavy flow. I put on a disposable when I went out yesterday and it was fine for much much longer. I feel like the top layer is wicking to the sides (I have obv and cotton jersey), I've used a minky topped cloth pad before and I thought that performed better bcs the topper doesn't wick maybe? Could it be that I haven't prewashed it enough or maybe I just have to change it more often? Bcs if I do, that sucks and I don't understand the cloth pad rave then :(


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