redrags (redrags) wrote in cloth_pads,

Absorbent layer under wings, or not?

Hi all,

Up until now, I've always put a full-body absorbent layer of heavyweight cotton in my pads, that goes all the way under the wings, as well as a bamboo fleece soaker down the middle. I've found this a good system, and the pads I wear myself are like this.
Recently I read a comment by a user who dislikes this style of pad, because she has found that the wings are more prone to wicking because of the absorbent layer.
Do most people agree with this? It wasn't something I'd found to be a problem, but I'd like to hear a variety of opinions, because if customers generally prefer just to have a soaker and no absorbency under the wings, I would change my design.

Opinions, please, if you have time?

Many thanks.
Tags: buying pads, cloth pads - absorbency, cloth pads - styles, cloth use - wearing/use, selling advice

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