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Cloth Menstrual Pads

saving the earth one period at a time!

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New to cloth pads. Any recommendations or tips?
awesome_12345 wrote in cloth_pads
Hello community! I haven't read much off of this community yet hence the title ;) so please forgive me if I've asked a question that's been asked over and over. Anyways, I was thinking about trying out cloth pads soon except I have no idea which to get and which are the most effective. So, to start out, I have a "normal" period and have been using the Always disposable pads and liners since I started my period ( about a year ago ;) ). I would like non fleece backed pads ( maybe some listings and descriptions of different backing would be nice! ) and 3 different pantyliners ( smaller ones, thiner ones, max absorbency et cetera ) along with 3 heavy pads, 2 light pads ( do I need these or should I just use pantyliners? ) and 3 regular absorbency cloth pads along with where to buy them ( I would like to be able to buy them on www.femininewear.com ). I'm probably asking way too much but I would appreciate it if you guys ( or should I say gals ) could help me out by listing some good brands and/or brands to stay away from. Ok well I think that wraps up my questions. Or maybe not. I am also planning to use menstrual cups and/or sea sponge tampons during the day ( with cloth pantyliners as backup ) and heavy/regular cloth pads during the night or when I feel like using cloth pads. Do you think 3 heavy and 3 regular with 3 liners and maybe 2 lights will be enough? Oh and one more concern: how do I care for the cloth pads ( what to use for washing/sterilizing? Also, how do you think I should approach my parents about this? My mom hasn't ever used anything other than disposables. Worst to worst, would being stuck with disposable pads be so bad? Thanks!

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I used Always pads before I used cloth pads too! My period was heavier for the first few days, then lighter and lighter for 4-5 more days (7 days total).

There are so many brands out there, some work for some people and some don't. I'd suggest, if you can, buy a pad or two from different brands/shops so you can get a sense of what you like. I just hunted around on Etsy for stores with good reviews. I like fleece-backed pads because they don't slide around on my panties as much, and they are surprisingly not overly warm.

Before I got my Mirena (don't get a period anymore), I had some thicker cloth pads to handle the heavy flow and would change those a couple of times a day, as needed. On lighter days, I'd use smaller and thinner pads, and I'd use some cloth pantiliners on the last few days of spotting. My ultimate stash would have enough pads so I could use a few per day if needed and not have to wash anything until the end of my period. Basically, as often as I needed to change an Always pad, that's when I'd need to change a cloth pad. It's not a bad way to start building your collection, better to have more than you need than not enough!

I think bringing it up to your mom depends on what she'd be most receptive to. Would the money-saving be a big hit for her? You would likely pay more per year for disposable pads than for buying cloth pads and having those last more than a couple of years! Would the environmental impact mean more to her? You can toss these in with regular laundry if you want, so no extra water use needed and you aren't adding more to your trash that won't decompose easily! Cloth pads are also very comfortable and who wants to be more uncomfortable than they need to be during their period?

As for washing & care, that also depends on your style and the pads that you buy. Anything with PUL lining should not go in the dryer. Some people just toss their pads straight into the washing machine (and line or dryer dry). I liked to rinse mine in the sink and keep them in a PUL-lined bag until i was ready to wash. Pre-rinsing helped get the stains out.

Oh, my period is the same as yours ( heavy then lighter and lighter )! Hm, are there any PUL backed pads with cotton on the other side that are as absorbant as the Always Maxi ( heavier flow days/ overnight ) then ultra thin ( regular day wear/ lighter days), and Infinity ( light days) as well as small pantyliners? Can you recommend any good brands that have Pul backed pads and liners? I understand that some brands work better for some while work poorly for others but I don't really have the money to test and buy. Have you tried the feminine wear branded pads? Or any that are available on feminine wear ( google it )? I really like the idea of cloth pads but I haven't researched much. Sorry about that :/. I'll watch some Youtube vids on them soon but for some reason these pads just don't catch to me like menstrual cups. Anyways, thanks for the fast reply! I appreciate your help!

I'm not sure about PUL backed liners because I don't use any. They don't breathe very well (I have one liner actually and I don't like it). From etsy, I've bought Popples, Yurtcraft, CozyFolk. I believe they're all fleece-backed. The CozyFolk pads breathe very well, Popples not as much. For YurtCraft, I only bought very thick ones for heavy flow/overnight use and they fine. I really like the flannel topped CozyFolk pad that I got, it's so soft. Those ones are also fairly thin. I think the CozyFolk and YurtCraft pads are comparable to disposable pads in terms of how long you might be able to get away with wearing one.

I haven't heard of feminine wear pads before.

The FeminineWear brand (like Bree's from Precious Stars) are China cheapies pads and while these pads work great for a lot of women, they are not handmade by a WAHM but rather a factory setting in China, if that sways your decision on those types of pads.

I've looked over the FeminineWear website (which I love and wish the US had a website like that one!) but it doesn't look like any of the other brands have PUL backing although some have PUL inside with something else over it as the backing.

If you were interested in fleece backed pads (they are my favorite, PUL backed shifts too much for me) go for WindPro backed pads over any sort of microfleece or plain fleece (unless there is PUL inside) as WindPro is amazing at keeping in leaks.

Personally I'd suggest Mimi's Dreams from FeminineWear but I'm biased as I'm the maker =D I make PUL backed pads but they aren't on FW's website, only my personal one.

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Whoa, I really thought that Bree made her own pads! Could have sworn she said she did on one of her vids... interesting.

She definitely used to make her own line and it was probably mentioned in a video but it was probably an older video.

I have one of her handmade ones right before she stopped selling her own handiwork, they are a different shape and made with different materials. The ones she sells on her site now are from China. I've seen them sold on a few websites and they are always the same shape and made with the same materials. They contact me about 3-4 times a year asking if I'd like to resell their stuff but the idea just does not appeal to me.

Like I said before, some women rave about them, they are definitely cheap so if they don't work out you don't lose much money over them.

I use mimi's dreams, domino pads, and pink lemonade shop. Check out precious stars pads on youtube. She has a ton of great info about switching to cloth and her channel has many videos geared toward young girls, including ones about approaching your parents.

Ah. I keep forgetting to check out precious stars's channel. I already follow her for info on menstrual cups xD. Anyways, I think fleece-backed pads would work well considering all the great comments. Does that Wind-Pro brand have a layer of PUL inside? It's sold on feminine wear right? How about Mimi's dreams, is it comparable to the Wind-pros? Thanks for all the help ladies!

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