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Cloth Menstrual Pads

saving the earth one period at a time!

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Cloth liners for everyday use
here_never wrote in cloth_pads
Hi everyone! I just finished my first cycle with a menstrual cup, and now I'm thinking of switching to reusables for everyday use. I just ordered three reusable liners from a local online store (I'm based in the Philippines and this is the only store that sells RUMPs, and I'm not sure if I'll like the liners so I purchased only three), and I'm hoping to transition to reusables ASAP. Here are a couple of concerns, after the cut!

1) How many will I actually need if I am going to use them everyday? I have really weird leukorrhea that my OB-GYN thinks might have something to do with hormonal imbalance (I have PCOS), and it's like I'm ovulating everyday. So I really need to use liners everyday--how many will I need?

2) What's the best way to handwash them? I won't be using them for my period, so I won't need to remove stains, but I definitely want to keep them very clean (I am a neatfreak when it comes to anything down there) and discoloration-free. What soap should I use? BTW I live in a tropical country so sun-drying them isn't an issue, if ever that's a necessary step.

3) Would you guys recommend that I try to make my own liners, even if I'm complete shit at sewing? The liners being sold here are incredibly expensive (the cheapest ones go for 470 Philippine pesos a piece, which is roughly 10-11 USD), and the online store doesn't cover free shipping. Or if it really is not a good idea for someone with the fine motor skills of a cactus to make their own liners, would anyone know of cheaper liners that can be shipped worldwide?

Thanks, and I really hope I can get a few leads!

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Hi. I don't use liners for everyday use, but I know these pads/liners could absorb a lot and much better than disposable ones. In my case, and I know it sounds gross, but sometimes I feel like I only need 2 pads a day when I'm having my period because the pads dont feel heavy/full/super wet and uncomfortable like the disposable ones. Like I change my pads more for hygiene reason than comfort.
So I guess it's the same with liners. But I know some people feels icky wearing pads/liners for too long, so really it depends on your comfort level.

Oh wow, sorry to hear those liners are that expensive there. In Indonesia, our local reusable cloth diaper manufacturers have this cloth pads business on the side, so it's affordable here. I've checked some sellers I know, but they don't even have paypal as payment option, so i don't think they can ship internationally, sorry.

Huh, maybe I should check out our cloth diaper manufacturers and see if they sell cloth liners. Hopefully they come out cheaper.

And, thanks for the tip! :)

yeah, actually all local cloth pads manufacturers are cloth diaper manufacturers lol like i don't see one that only sell cloth pads here. i guess the market is not big yet. so yeah, you should definitely check the same thing there :)

I just contacted one of the seller and they said they can ship to other country but it's gonna be expensive. But their pantyliner is around 1-2 USD, so if you buy a lot it might be worth it. And idk about the payment option bc afaik they only have local bank acc. But if you want to try I can give you their contact.

How expensive is expensive shipping? I mean we're practically neighbors, it shouldn't be *that* bad, right? Hahaha

Thanks for checking them out for me! Also looking around and hoping that there are local pad makers. I'm going to a hippie motherhood store tomorrow--afaik it's the only physical store that sells menstrual cups; maybe they'll also have pads. Keeping my fingers crossed!

hmm...i think it'd be better if you ask them directly.
I suggest you to try these 2:
1. Green Japok (This is the one i contacted)
SMS/ WA 081991143633
EMAIL : gmsjapok@gmail.com
Line/ ig : @greenjapok
FB: https://www.facebook.com/GMSjapok

they mainly sells green, eco friendly product. You can try to send message via whatsapp or Line, they're pretty responsive.

2. Baby-Oz (Apparently they have user outside Indonesia)
Their pad is too thick for me. but i think for liner it should be fine.

There are other online stores that I can find but most of them sell more than 1 brand, and I don't want to confuse you bc everything is in Indonesian lol. so i suggest you to try those 2.

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