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Cloth Menstrual Pads

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Snaps Question
broken hearted boy
theladyscribe wrote in cloth_pads
I'm getting ready to make my own cloth pads, and I have some questions about what types of snaps to use. I have sample liners I got from Lunpads, PIMPs, and GladRags, and they all use KAM snaps. I was wondering if I could/should try sew-on snaps or even regular buttons, both of which I already have from other projects.

Has anyone tried either of these instead of KAM snaps? If so, what was your experience/do you have any advice about how well they work?

ETA: I'm planning to include a layer of PUL that goes into the wings (using the Luna Wolf pattern), if that makes a difference about what works/doesn't work.


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Yes, both of those should work fine- most people use KAM because of the durability of them- other than cracking from time to time they last an incredibly long time, through many washes.

I've seen people use the metal sew on kind, buttons and even tab/button-hole enclosures as well as velcro (but I wouldn't recommend unless you literally had nothing else to work with, it's kind of scratchy!)

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