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Cloth Menstrual Pads

saving the earth one period at a time!

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Brands that will and won't be sold in the USA in 2015
neverparous wrote in cloth_pads
Recently many cloth pad makers became aware that legally they have to be compliant with the FDA if they are based in the US or sell to the US.  Compliance involves a fee of $3,646 for 2015 and it increases every year.  With this new knowledge many makers have decided to become compliant or close shop/stop selling to the US.
I want to compile a list of all the compliant brands of cloth menstrual pads companies so Americans know where to look in the future and list those that are unfortunately shutting down or ending sales to the US so people know what happened to certain brands (and maybe support them while they still can).  If you know of any others please add them here, the list is definitely incomplete.  Keep in mind things might change, there's the petition going around and a lot people want to change this.  Hopefully this list will soon become outdated in a good way.

*Updated 2/27*

Brands that are compliant for 2015

Here's the FDA's establishment listing that shows the compliant brands of reusable menstrual pads.  Apparently it's updated on Mondays and it doesn't include some brands that have been compliant for years meaning they were using a different code (e.g. GladRags)

Domino Pads
Charlie Banana
Vintage Country Corner
Trojacek Farms
Party In My Pants
Tree Hugger Cloth Pads
Pink Daisy
Pink Lemonade Shop
Green 4 Less
Annybell's Essentials
Cozy Folk
Home Crafted Essentials
Talulah Bean

Brands that are working on becoming compliant
There are several brands that are trying to get the money to pay the fee, for example by increasing sales, using GoFundMe, or getting a business loan
Pampered Mama
Tags and Rags

Brands that are closing or stopping production of just menstrual pads (for at least 2015)

Amy's Rag Bag

Lily Pads

Dragon Cloth Covers

Sarah's Sassy Threads

Blue Moons Cloth

Pairie Valley Cloth

Maxille Love

The Silver Liner

Shannon's Cloth and More

Tamarack Creations

Sweet Mama Sharon

Naturals R Dino-mite

Little Bird's Little Quilts

Aunt Flow's Cloth Pads

Lilia Designs

Period Attire

Brands that are ending sales to the USA (for at least 2015)

Mama Kloth

Homestead Emporium

Sewn by Tash

Cotton Candy Eco Cloth

Naturally Hip

Precious Stars Pad


Melissa's Makes

Sweet Sparrow Design

Ugg, it feels weird to keep calling them br ands and depersonalizing it, a lot are single person operations or only a few people.  My heart goes out to all those affected by this and I hope you all are able to easily find the path that works best for you.

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Thank you for sharing the news (even if it's sad) and for compiling this very helpful list.

I hadn't heard about this fee at all, and can only imagine what a chilling effect it must be having on many pad sellers :-( And to think that it'll be levied annually...!

I am pretty sure Tree Hugger is compliant.

here's the only statement I could find for Tree Hugger
It looks like they are working on becoming compliant but it hasn't been completed yet. If you have an update to that please let me know :)

I believe Casually Hip may also be closing doors to US customers for the time being as well.

:( This is awful.

Thanks. Do you have a source for that (or is that your shop)? I tried googling the name, haha, that was interesting- I didn't find what I was looking for. There has been so much misinformation circulating about this I don't want to jump the gun and post things that aren't true.

I read that Eco Cloth shut down immediately after this came to light, but I couldn't find a statement about it.

It was on her facebook page but now I can't find the post (I am on my phone though lol!)
She use to sell on etsy, but I'm not sure if she still does - my most recent purchase from her was through Facebook

Yurtcraft has said in a Facebook comment that they won't be affected, which I assume to mean that she is compliant. I also emailed Party in My Pants who have replied that they are compliant.

I believe I heard about this on a reddit sub. I can't believe this. It's really going to narrow down what's out there, and make it difficult for anyone with a small business or starting up a new business. I've been using cloth since 2008, and I can't imagine this is going to be good for the sellers or the buyers :(

Yeah, it sucks. And it's going to raise the prices on the brands that become compliant so they can subsidize that fee that isn't really helping the producers or the consumers.

I do like the labeling and tracking aspect that the FDA requires, just in case there would be the need for a recall or something (but I don't really see how that would happen)

Thanks for your help so far everyone!

Thanks to everyone who has been keeping this list up-to-date. This whole situation makes me so sad. I guess I will just have to cherish my beloved Silver Liner pads and hope they last forever!

This is super sad - I just got into cloth pads in December. Luckily for me I have a friend in Canada who is willing to repackage my orders and send them to me! Hope you fantastic people can find someone too if you have to!!

Could sellers say on their sites that their product is CLOTHING rather than anything "medical"? I mean, they are made out of fabric after all they "just happen" to be the same general shape as a disposable menstrual pad...

I'm not positive but I think that if they are not marketed as something that is meant to absorb any bodily fluid they might be ok (because of the FDA Jade and Pearl no longer sells their sponges as tampons and will not advise on how to use them as such). There is the risk of a $10,000 fine* for non-compliance so anyone who wants more info should check out the Cloth Menstrual Pad Compliance Project facebook group or talk to a lawyer.

*Don't take my word for it but I doubt the FDA would automatically jump to the highest fine; a warning letter would probably be sent first.

In theory, that's probably true - but I think the difference with Jade & Pearl is that sponges are such a generic object that they truly can/do have other uses, washing dishes or painting etc. It's difficult to claim a pad is not a pad when the design is so specific and includes descriptive phrases like "heavy flow" - legally, that's unlikely to protect you for very long, and knowingly misrepresenting a product to avoid a federal regulation is likely to have even larger consequences. Plus, it's difficult to get customers to buy something without describing what it is, then hoping they figure out how to use it on their own. I'm sure Jade & Pearl has had a tough time with this, though as a semi-disposable product, they can at least rely on the ongoing sales to their existing customers.

I just wanted to comment that Cozy Folk has been FDA compliant since December (it wasn't yet updated on the FDA database at the time that this post was updated). I believe there are several other brands that have been added as well - perhaps it's a good time to review this post again? Thanks! :)

- Jenn from Cozy Folk

I don't know if they are compliant but I do know that I'm buying from the following this year so I assume they are... :-P : - Talulah Bean and also Dinky Dot Bots in the UK

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