spidersloveme (spidersloveme) wrote in cloth_pads,

What causes some to be "back", "front", or "straight down" bleeders?

Vulva shapes? Vagina tilt? Body build? It seems back bleeding is more common, hence pads usually being longer and more flared in the back as well as asking some friends. I'm between a front and straight down bleeder myself, as I usually gush off the top of the pad onto the top front of my panties on my heavy days and bleed straight onto a quarter-sized patch in the middle-front on my lighter days. I'm very petite, so maybe that contributes? Help me crack this question that's been bugging me for ages! What kind of pad do you recommend for each "type" of bleeder? Personally, I use flared ones turned so the flare is at the front and PUL is a must for the straight down flow! I can bleed through 3 layers of bamboo and a back of windpro on a quarter-sized dot in about 3 hours at times!
Tags: cloth pads - styles, cloth use - wearing/use, health, menstrual flow, menstruation, personal experience, underpants

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