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Question about re-selling etiquette

Hey everyone,

I have a question about the etiquette surrounding selling second-hand pads.  I see there is a tag for this, but I just want to make sure I'm doing things properly so that I am not stepping on any seller's toes, or taking business away from the people who work hard to make new pads!

Is it poor etiquette to sell a previously used pad?  I recently switched to cloth and have a patchwork collection of pads that I love!  I also, miraculously, only have three that I don't love.  It's not that I don't love the sellers - it's a question of size.  I have other pads from all the sellers that I love and will be keeping, but these particular sizes are just to big, too small or too wide for me.  I would hate to draw any business away from these sellers though (and to be clear, I wouldn't sell for profit, only enough to cover shipping for whoever wanted the pad.)  But I also don't feel right trying to convert my own friends to cloth with pads that I know I don't love and wouldn't use myself, especially when there are people out there who would love that size.  I just don't want to take away business from someone.  Should I just keep them?  It makes me sad to see them unused when they could be well-loved by someone else. 

My second question is about staining:
- one of the pads is blue (which I discovered is no no if you're picky about stains like me) -- it's still blue, it just looks like some parts are a different shade of blue or something
- one of the pads is a natural, un-dyed fabric with a small stain (this one is more obviously blood) that I just can't remove completely.  (The third pad, for anyone who's curious, just doesn't work for me size-wise, I didn't even try with any flow, so it's basically new, I had it on for about two minutes.)
Is it poor etiquette to try and give them away with some staining?  Or is that up to the individual buyer?  If that's generally viewed as unsanitary by the community at large, then I don't want to offend.  (I read in one tag that some buyers have concerns about STDs; I am in a monogamous relationship and have tested STD-free.)

Thanks all!!
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