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New Alternative Menstrual Product Flyer
jezzie_d wrote in cloth_pads
Hi Everyone

I designed a new coloured flyer that I'd like to distribute at my local highschools and universities. Since I don't have anywhere to link to show you I'm posting it as an image - I can't get it to a quality and size thats readable sorry! If anyone wants to read the content please let me know and I'll email you a copy of the PDF otherwise if someone knows how I can easily upload the flyer so everyone can view it let me know.

Note: The images on the front page have NOT been cleared for copyright - I am waiting on responses from all the people I got images from so please do NOT reproduce this at this point in time.


page 5 page 6 (back) page 1 (front) page 2 page 3 page 4

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If people click on the pictures, then click again, they'll be taken to a larger version where the text is easily readable. :)

Having read it, I think the writing style is very accessible, and stylistically the leaflet is well laid out. However, I would say that 10 pads per period is a very low estimate -- there was a post on it recently. (I just worked out a rough average from the comments there and it came to 25 pads per cycle. But obviously it will vary from woman to woman.)

Thanks! I shall update the brochure to have a better estimate - I suppose it all depends on how heavy your cycle is.

Awesome. I'd be interested in getting this out in my University's women's collective, it would be perfect. If I can get a copy of the full size pdf, I'd love to distribute it here in Australia.

Also, spelling mistake/typo on page 5, "your" should be "you're" in the sentence "your set to go".

Also, there's a missing question mark just below it somewhere.

*gak, old copywriter/editor in me coming out!*

lol thanks, I thought I'd checked it all but alas that's what happens when ur sick with the flu and don't get someone to read over it for you!
I shall fix those errors and if you're happy to wait until I get permission for all the images (shouldn't be more than a couple of days) then I can email you the PDF copy.

that would be awesomesauce. Having a fresh pair of eyes is essential with stuff like that eh? =) Looking forward to your email

I looooove this <3 It's easy on the eyes :D
One suggestion I have is that long link to Obsidian's cloth pad page, substitute it with :D

I also recommend an estimate of about 12-16 pads (even more like 25) as a starter stash. I think a lot of ladies assume that you have to have tons of pads.. But with a stash of about 12-16, much thought needs to go into buying them (topper fabric, prints or no prints, etc).

Overall, very nice brochure <3. I'll print these out when they are done =O

it's a nice flyer! i have a pad blog that i can post it to later if you ever make it into a pdf.

Looks great! You could add to the list of links. It lists sellers who aren't in online malls, and provides a very easy way to search for sizes, fabrics, etc.

I liked it. Very informative and easy to read.

haven't read it but the style looks good!

Besides the few minor typos, it looks great!! i'd love to distribute this when it's finished.

Menstrual cups come in colors? Cooooooool.

Yup! The LadyCup comes in a range of colours and the MiaCup is an opaque purple/pink colour and the Lunette comes in a Blue.

I own a purple LadyCup cos I'm purple mad hehe

As I said today :) I'm happy to host it on if you want a place for people to download it (when it's ready)

Hi! I was wondering if I could download this and print it out to distribute at a bazaar where I'm going to be selling pads the first weekend of June? Thanks!

A couple of the images haven't had final permission. I can send you an edited version tomorrow if you like. I'm about to leave for work now so I can't do it now. Glad to hear you like it :)

Thanks! The bazaar isn't until June 5, so no hurry.

hey there I just wanted to let you know that my laptop had to go in for some major repairs and as such I don't have access to any of my files (I'm at a total loss!)
So I'm unfortunately not sure if I'll be able to get the brochure to you, there is one about menstrual cups located here
Sorry :(

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