Emily (broadwaypoetez) wrote in cloth_pads,


Uh, so I wash all my clothes in cold water and place my pads on a drying rack, this is to prolong the life of my clothing and if I'm mistaken, then feel free to correct me.

My pads have been stiff for a while, something I can only assume has to do with drying on the rack. This doesn't bother me, at least I don't think it's what's bothering me now.

I think my detergent is irritating my skin, at least when it comes to my pads. Now I'm not drenching my pads in Tide or anything, but when I toss in a load of laundry, it's usually a very large smelly one, so sometimes I go a little over the line for a "large load" especially if I know I have stains.

I'd try to "free-labia" it right now except I have to pack tonight. (I leave for home around 1:30 tomorrow after my final). I keep adjusting my pants and underwear to see if I can get comfortable, but this really sucks.

I use cloth for comfort and saving money first, the environment second. I assure you, this ain't comfortable. If I need to rewash my entire stash, that's fine, I'll just have to wait until I'm home to use some disposables. (3hr car ride with my parents, so I'll be home around 4:30 or 5)

EDIT: If it is a laundry detergent/not soft problem, recipes would be cool. I know people either use vinegar in the wash or tennis balls in the dryer as a fabric softer. Would baking soda be all I need for a load of laundry to clean it?

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