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Cloth Menstrual Pads

saving the earth one period at a time!

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my fold up pad tutorial
purple_obsidian wrote in cloth_pads
Diana wanted me to show her pics of my fold up pads, so I figured I may as well do it here and share my patterns as well :)

(I have other pad making guides at www.clothpads.org and in the articles section of www.clothpadshop.com)

Mine is pretty similar to hers, but my foldup bit is centered on the winged part, where I think hers is off centered?

I didn't take pics of construction, but it's pretty simple... I've included small pics because I was sewing these up quickly and the sewing isn't the best!

So first you take your winged pad shape.... cut 2 of flannel and edge them.

The cut out a rectangle that is as long as the pad, and 3 times wider than you want the crotch width to be. Eg in this example the length is 11.25in and the width of the folded bit is 8.25.

Then ideally sew the PUL strip on, because it's probably neater that way, unlike how I've done it, where I've just zig zagged it on afterwards because I forgot. That should be the length of the fold up bit but 1/3 the width (eg in this example it's 2.75in wide).

Then you fold the trifold section up and place that onto your winged piece, so it's in the centre where you want it to be.... and then unfold it and pin it on (so you're only pinning the winged part and the part of the trifold that will be sewn to it - if that makes sense.) Sew it on with 2 parallel lines, a rectangle or just one line of stitching up the centre - it's up to you (one line is free to flap about more to dry faster, but the stitching would be under more strain than having 2 lines....)

So opened out, you get something like this:

The PUL is purple....

and from underneath you get this:

if you wanted to, you could make it without the PUL strip and then you could wear it either way up (folded part against you or winged part against you....

If you want more absorbency than 8 layers flannel (which is what it works out to be once folded up)... for nights or whatever, then you could make a terry or flanel (or hemp or bamboo or whatever) booster to slip in there. You could even make the booster longer than the pad (so it sticks out the ends) so that it can catch leaks at night...

or if you wanted leakproofing through the wing area you could make the winged part from the 2 layers of flannel (don't edge it yet) and sew the fold up part to that (make the foldup part about 1/4 to 1/2 inch shorter than the length of the pad - but the same width as you would otherwise make it), and then sew the flannel winged bit to a PUL layer (eg just overlock/serge around it - that's why you'd want the fold up part a bit shorter, so it's not going to be caught in the overlocking around the edge of your winged bit.).... so then you wear the winged part against your underpants and the fold up stuff on top, and have PUL even through the wing. If that all makes sense (might have to make myself one and take pics).

patterns are here (they have no seam allowance because I've overlocked them... so either do likewise or add your seam allowance)

Smaller one (8.75in long):

Longer one (11.25in long):

Measurements and instructions:

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Amazing! I need to try this out at least once! I'm gonna print out your pattern and test for personal use <3. I think it has more stability then the one you fold-up together. It also looks more neater.

Thank You <3.

I should have mentioned the instructions one isn't to scale :)

are your fold up pads like tlc's fold up pads?

no idea...... I've never seen a fold up pad in real life - just some pics, and mostly just from Diana's tutorial and some ones where the wings are sewn on separately (like born to love's) - or some pics of rhythm and blues (which are different because I think the fold up part becomes one of the wings or something)...

No, they aren't... I went and had a look... I'd had in the back of my mind that they did something funky, and they do..

they appear to fold up but the wings poke through slits?

yeah, the TLC one's have slits in the fold and the wings fit through there (it's a pita to do by hand sewing, but probably easy if you're on friendly terms with your sewing machine :) ) Yours seems a little closer to the Rhythm&Blues style -http://www.rhythmandbluespads.com/store/

no, theirs have the fold up part off centre too...

What they are like is the fern & faerie pad (I'd forgotten about those)... but I made my own pattern so it is a different shape


oh how excellent, you should let G4G know and they will link to this post.

it's pretty and it looks a lot like mine, which is cool :D that way I know you think the concept is good one.
mine are slightly off center so that the pul will cover really well if the pad is stuffed with a booster, it makes the pul part a little larger and it curves up the side a bit but I doubt it's necessary, just a tweak.

I was only going to do wet bags this time but I got some sweet flannel today and i think it wants to go to Africa :D

I'll post pics soon.

I make pads for Goods 4 Girls, AIO style. These seem like they would be easier for the girls to wash though, they should rinse out more quickly. And would use less PUL (yeah for me on that one). I'll have to give them a try!

I've in the past made mostly base+insert style - figuring that once they have a waterproofed base, they could use anything as an insert (if they needed more than I supplied), and the base could be wiped clean and reused.... which I personally think is the best style... but I think the fold up is better than AIO pads, and particularly good for donations when PUL cost is an issue.

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