I recently switched to cloth pad and I'm hooked — so much better than the disposable stuff! However, I'm wondering what kind of soap/detergent I should use.

My pads are mostly made from organic cotton, with only one layer (on the outside) made from polyester. The manufacturer recommends using a natural, non-aggressive detergent, but they also advise against using "oil" soaps as, apparently, they can saturate the fibers in the long term, and make the pads less absorbant.

Now, I'm a bit confused because the only natural, DIY detergent I know of is made with soap — vegetable oil soap.

What do you gals suggest? What are you using for your pads? Does natural soap really affect the pads' efficiency? I'm looking for something natural, free from animal products, and that I can make at home.

Thank you in advance!

Is it mould?

A couple of my white pads have faded-looking dark greenish stains that have been there for a few months. Does that sound like mould? At first I thought it was just old blood stains but now I’m worried it could be mould. If someone can tell me what they think that would be great because it’s stressing me out 😭

Should I add a photo of the stains?

Cloth pads side leakage?

I used to use menstrual cups and loved it but I just recently gave birth and the thought of sticking up a menstrual cup right now is terrifying so I ordered some cloth pads, all from well established sellers. I got my period at 9 weeks pp and decided to give them a try but they all seem to be leaking on the sides only after 3-4 hours of usage and I'm using heavy, ultra/postpartum absorbencies! No, I don't have a super heavy flow. I put on a disposable when I went out yesterday and it was fine for much much longer. I feel like the top layer is wicking to the sides (I have obv and cotton jersey), I've used a minky topped cloth pad before and I thought that performed better bcs the topper doesn't wick maybe? Could it be that I haven't prewashed it enough or maybe I just have to change it more often? Bcs if I do, that sucks and I don't understand the cloth pad rave then :(

Pads not absorbing!

Hey there! My cousin sells cloth pads and she was telling me about a lady who says her pads aren’t absorbing. The lady said that the blood is running straight off the pad and onto her thighs. This is the first time my cousin has ever had this complaint. Anyone know why this would be happening?

Things to note.
-The woman is a week postpartum.
-She says her flow isn’t too heavy.
-Claims not to be using fabric softener.
-Says she is wearing the pad correctly.

Thank you!!!
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Absorbent layer under wings, or not?

Hi all,

Up until now, I've always put a full-body absorbent layer of heavyweight cotton in my pads, that goes all the way under the wings, as well as a bamboo fleece soaker down the middle. I've found this a good system, and the pads I wear myself are like this.
Recently I read a comment by a user who dislikes this style of pad, because she has found that the wings are more prone to wicking because of the absorbent layer.
Do most people agree with this? It wasn't something I'd found to be a problem, but I'd like to hear a variety of opinions, because if customers generally prefer just to have a soaker and no absorbency under the wings, I would change my design.

Opinions, please, if you have time?

Many thanks.

Anyone able to help?

My aunt is a missionary in Angola, currently home in Canada. One of the ladies in Angola whom she does Bible study with is incontinent and it sounds like she doesn't get out much, if at all. Her son doesn't want to pay for disposable diapers anymore and got some cheap terry ones but didn't get any covers so the caretaker has been using plastic bags and not changing often enough.

I said I'd see if anyone here might have ideas for places to get covers for adult diapers that don't cost $35 each. If you can help us out we'd really appreciate it.
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New UK seller, 10% discount

Hi all,

This is Fee of RedRags, a new UK cloth pad seller that just opened yesterday, selling pads made using designer and Kawaii fabrics. I'm celebrating by offering a 10% discount at my etsy store, with the code OPENING10 which is active until 07 November. Please do pop over and have a look:

Thank you very much. I've enjoyed reading this community and am happy to be posting now.
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Long time no post!

Hey everybody! long time no post!

Misandry Made

I just wanted to let you all know that after my long hiatus, I've closed C-Pop down and reopened as Misandry Made!

If you've been missing my cloth pads, I'm back! And so so happy to be back at my sewing machine and slinging cloth pads again! I missed it and our lovely community more than I even realized. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to get to do this as a for real part time job now, instead of just cramming it into every "free" moment while working full time.

Anyways, listed 38 new prints on Tuesday! There's still a handful left! I hope to be listing new pads at least every two weeks, if not more.

Thank you so much for your previous and hopefully continued patronage! I couldn't do this without you all. <3 <3 <3

P.S. Could a mod edit the profile page/tags to reflect my name change? Thanks! <3

Looking for organic fabrics, which snaps you prefer, and strong thread recommendations

Hi Community,

I'm new to cloth pads and love the 1 "party in my pants" sample I have for a liner. Found Luna Wolf patterns and rave reviews of it, and have decided to buy some fabrics and materials and make my own too.

Can you offer some thoughts on the following as I try to source some materials? I'm in the US (Washington State) for reference.

For personal reasons, I would like to go the organic route. Do you happen to know of any online shops or places where I might find some organic fabrics that don't cost an arm and a leg? Looking for organic bamboo fleece, flannel, wool, etc. Shipping usually kills it for me, but I'm willing to invest if I have to. Heard of and their prices are decent, but wonder if you have any cheaper quality options?

Also, for those who do organic, do you avoid zorb, polartec/windpro fleece, and waterproof nylon for backings? Are there any that are deemed safer? (Not wanting to start any controversy with people who use these items... just curious for those who might know more than me about organic or not-chemically treated fabrics, thoughts on using those as backing, since it's farther from the body.) I have heard alternatively that wool can be a good waterproofer and breathable, but not sure if it is all wool or only certain ones, and organic wool is like $35/yd on wazoodle! I'm working with a budget, so definitely could use help in this section.

How to select between plastic and nickel-free metal snaps? Which is more durable, and which might require less expensive tools to easily apply? I would like to do snaps over buttons or sewing other things I think, as snaps seem more professional (if I end up making extra to sell on the side). Was considering nickel-free for friends/future buyers who might have allergies. And do you have any places to recommend where to buy snaps and a snap tool that you like?

Also, what're your thoughts on a strong sturdy thread (I'm going for longevity, like try to make my pads so they last years/decades)? Any organic threads that are strong and long-lasting? If not, what do you find lasts longest without fear of breakage over time? :)

Hope someone(s) experienced or knowledgeable will take time to answer some of these questions as I try to get started. Thank you so much in advance. :D