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Why Minky?
karenoh wrote in cloth_pads
For those of you who prefer minky topped pads: what is it that you like so much about it? Why do you prefer it over other types of fabric?

I typically prefer natural fabrics whenever possible, but I'm curious what all the fuss is about minky: why do so many folks go for it? Does it really wick moisture away from the body into the absorbent core moreso than other more absorbent fabrics like bamboo or hemp?

I'd be interested in it if it really does have a "stay dry" type effect, but I'm still skeptical...

So, minky fans: what do you like about it?

Alternatively, those of you who've tried minky and don't like it: why not?

PS: For context, the majority of my pads now are bamboo velour and hemp topped. I don't care for quilter's cotton as a topic fabric, but I am looking for something that might be a bit more durable than the bamboo velour (I feel like it wears down more quickly than other fabrics...but it could just be that I'm wearing the bamboo velour pads more often.) Sometimes I feel like my hemp (non velour) pads *feel* dryer than my bamboo velour ones, but I haven't tested this theory lately...any other thoughts as to what top fabrics feel the dryest?

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More than anything, minky feels soft, wash after wash... many synthetics do and that's why they were developed in the first place: durability, allergy relief, etc. That said, synthetics have their own negative points, primarily that they're made from crude oil, so its a non-renewable resource. I find it is very hot, it may "breathe" being a knit but all synthetics make me overheat. They have a tendency to hold onto smell as well (more of a problem in the cloth diaper department than the cloth pad department).

I think people like the soft.
I like minky, but I like OBV better. I feel luxurious in my obv topped pads and I always reach for those first.

Oh gosh, I really don't like Minky at all for cloth pads. I have one cloth pad topped with minky, and while it's comfy and made really holds in A LOT of heat. I guess it's why I don't use it that much. It also leaves a "sticky" feeling and is coated with your flow, which I find really annoying.

Velours aren't a favorite of mine either. They do the same thing as minky, except they don't hold in much heat (in my opinion). And the bamboo velour is just not durable, unfortunately. I brought some bamboo velour and after a few washes..holes started to form and it made a mess, this is why I really don't like velour and I don't recommend it.

Flannel (a classic), cotton sherpa (my favorite), bamboo fleece/french terry, organic cotton fleece/french terry, hemp fleece/french terry are very good at keeping me feel the driest and quickly take in the flow. So if the core of a pad was let's say, bamboo fleece, the top can also be bamboo fleece. :)

I dont like minkee personally. The non liquid menstrual flow pools on it so to me it isnt a dry feeling at all. It is also too hot.

I love OBV and most of my stash is made from it. I started with Homestead Emporium OBV, have been wearing some for over 5 years and have no wear issues, just some colour fading which you would expect.

From feedback from nappy makers and pad makers there can be huge differences in bamboo velour coming out of the factory. Sometimes batches of fabric are just not a good one and wear badly. I have heard of some BV nappies going bald very quickly. So if anyone has had a bad BV experience on wear they may just have been unlucky.

I also now really like bamboo fleece as it can be so absorbent and the best bamboo fleece I think now is the most absorbent top fabric of all. Honour Your Flow is making some great pads of it at present.

I have heard good things about pads topped with microfleece. I am just starting to use cloth pads (or I will, once I get my period again), but the women I know who use cloth pads all prefer microfleece. I prefer it as the outer layer for my sons' diapers, as fluids go right through and the fleece feels dry even when the diaper is soaked. It also stays soft, even as it gets pilly, which is nice.

I love my minky pads during winter and holder months, when heat isn't an issue, and I like it because its lovely and soft, and feels drier. I find minky is softer than bamboo velour, but BV is nicer to wear when it's hotter.

Generally I prefer natural fibres, and generally I prefer a pad to be interesting on top (print or nicely dyed) - so for those reasons I tend to prefer my non-minky pads (and don't make many minky pads for myself).

I think it's a personal thing - I have some customers who won't wear anything but minky (one customer finds anything natural irritates her skin because it dries it out)... some hate it.

Well, I can't say much because I'm new to cloth and primarily use a cup for my period, but on the occasions when I'm still bleeding and wanna use a pad/liner, I reach for minky because it doesn't stain (biggest selling point of minky), and as such doesn't need any kind of special treatment. That's because minky doesn't absorb.
Secondly, I love bamboo velour too, but to be honest, minky is even softer than your brand new velour, but contrary to it, minky will stay that way, (as far as I know).
The main con of minky, in my opinion, is that it can get pretty hot. I won't wear it again to a gig or in any context of heat and physical activity. Flannel is my go to fabric now.

I can't really tell because my flow is so light anyway, but I believe moisture is wicked away rather quickly... clots, on the other hand, have a tendency to sit on the pad I find...
or maybe it's just the way it is with cloth pads ?? Idk

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