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Nyotalia, Sweden, Ingrid
I've been a long time lurker and after many years, have finally decided to join the community and make myself a nice set of cloth pads. I first found out about cloth pads junior year of college out of desperation...I had run out of pads, had no money (in between paychecks and I wasn't skipping groceries for pads) and my period decided to pay me a visit. After fighting the yuck factor, I folded up a washcloth and called it a day. Best experience ever, never bought pads the rest of that year and did a ton of research into making my own pads whenever I found some free time. Unfortunately that free time never came and I went back to disposable products the next year and have been there ever since.

Fast forward a few years. This past week, I got the worst pad rash ever and decided enough was enough, the cloth was coming back. I had scored quite a bit of terry from the remnants rack at Joann's a couple year ago, intending to make pads but never getting around to it because of a lack of free time. Lucky me, I had some time off work, and flannel was on sale at Joann's.

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kirsty maccoll
Hello! I used to be active on here a few years ago when I was running my cloth pad business, Luna Wolf. I hope everyone is well. I just wanted to let you know that I'm destashing a lot of my fabric super cheap in the DIY Pads community, in case anyone is interested:

Also, I was just wondering if anyone knows of any charities that are accepting ready made cloth pads these days? Preferably UK/EU so I don't have to spend a fortune on shipping.


Vicky :)

2 wk trip with cloth?
Hi, everyone! I've been reading this community for a long time and have gotten so many useful tips and info! Now I have a question that doesn't seem to be addressed in the memories.

This summer, we are taking a two week road trip which is unavoidable. (We're driving from Oklahoma to Pennsylvania to clean out my mother's house.)

Anywho, I wear liners everyday, and to make things even more awesome, my period should come during those two weeks.

So my question is thus: what's the best way to take along everything I need? My only thought was two wetbags; one clean and one dirty. But frankly, that's not the best situation for me as that's two things I have to keep track of, and also doubles the chances I have of leaving something behind.

I'll need to bring liners and enough pads for my entire period. Washing facilities will be scarce. (Who knows if my mom's still works, let alone all the road time.

Thanks for your consideration!

New user/Core materials/DIY/Wing shapes
I've been exploring the world of menstrual cups lately and have stumbled upon cloth/reusable pads. I like the idea of being "greener" about my period and I definitely like the idea of saving money long term.
I went out today and bought some PUL and flannel fabrics to make my own pads and panty liners.
I have a few questions, though.
Where can you buy hemp or bamboo for cores? I didn't see anything at the craft store (Joann Fanrics)
Do you think using multiple layers of cotton flannel would be ok for "lighter" pads? It will be backed with PUL made for cloth diapers.
If I want them to be the same size as my current disposables, I think I should trace the diposables as a template. How much extra fabric should I leave for stitching? I intend to sew them inside out and flip them for a neater appearance.
I'll be using a sewing machine, but I haven't used one since 5th grade home ec. My grandmother should be around to help me (I'm going to her house to use her machine and I'm not shy about asking her for help sewing pads lol) so I'm fairly confident I can accomplish this.
Also, which wing shapes do you current users find to be the least leaky? What about multiple sets of wings?

For Sale: Unused GladRags pad
I have an unused GladRags pad (pad plus one insert).  It's in the original packaging - some of the cellophane on the package tore open, but the pad is in perfect condition and unused.  Olive green color with a tiny floral print, 9" long.  I couldn't get a good pic of it due to the cellophane reflection.  Older style pad.  $15.99 plus shipping on the GladRags website, I am asking $10 shipped within the continental US. 

narrow but long/heavy pads?
cabbage, fractals
I've bought some cloth pads and while I like concept, the ones I've purchased are too wide in the crotch. I'm not an especially petite person and I don't wear thongs or anything, but with all of them, the pads are a lot wider than my underwear so they kind of bunch up. Even if I were to put another snap in, I don't really want the areas with padding/zorb/layers of flannel to be wrapping around my underwear. I'd prefer for the absorbent part to be only as wide as my underwear.

Ideally, I'd like some that are less than 3" wide at the crotch. But I have a pretty heavy menstrual flow, so I still want them to be LONG (at least 11") and absorbent. I have no idea why so many manufacturers make their longer/heavier pads wider at the crotch while their lighter pads are narrow - it's not like anyone's legs get farther apart when their flow is heavier. Thick is fine, as long as they're narrow from side to side in the crotch.

Any suggestions? It looks like Lunapads are 2.5" wide but I'd like other options with a more all in one sort of design. Also, I strongly prefer pads with PUL in them rather than water-resistant fleece.

Selling stash, Pads & Tampons: Domino, Just Fussy / Sewfussy, Honour Your Flow, Lunapads Lunapanties

I want to sell off a huge bunch of my pad and tampon collection. A huge savings for you, as some of these were quite expensive! All have been washed, then sanitized with a very long oxyclean soak, then washed again with vinegar added to the washer, to further sanitize and soften. Some are brand new and have never been used, where indicated, below.

I can take Paypal. Just let me know what you are interested in, where you live, and send me your Paypal email address, and I'll calculate the shipping and send you an invoice.

Here's what I have:


Five pantiliners, regularly $12.10, I'd like $5.50 each. Two on left are brand new, never used ($6 each) (ALL OF THE DOMINO PANTILINERS ARE SOLD):

Three more pantiliners, regularly $12.10, I'd like $5.50 each for the two in good condition on the right, and $2.75 for the one on the left, which is faded and has a (subtle) stain that could not come out completely but is VERY clean. (ALL OF THE DOMINO PANTILINERS ARE SOLD)

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Removing a set in stain?
I am probably grasping at straws here, but any advice for removing a set in stain? My hubby beat me to the washer and dried my flannel pads. :/ I do a cold water soak with peroxide prior to washing which has been doing the job fine but I had a particularly dark and heavy flow this month. While some light staining doesn't bother me (heck most of my skinnies have some faint stains from pad and tampon leaks) but this dark stain does. This is only my third month using cloth now two of my pads look like they've been around for years! Am I stuck with these ugly stains?

My method is to soak, rinse, loosen stains with a toothbrush and wash with homemade detergent then hang dry. I had planned to give them a second go 'round, or third if needed but DH put them in the dryer and they were basically dry before I noticed. Grrr! I have not complained though, lol, first because he helped with laundry, second because if he knew he had inadvertently handled my lady laundry he might never go near the washer again! ;) I am very annoyed though and wonder if there are any tricks.

Lots of pads in stock at Tamarack Creations!
I just did a huge restocking at my Etsy shop of all-in-one CozyPads in mini and maxi sizes.  I also have a number of the 4-piece JazzyPads in stock as well.  I will be working on adding more JazzyPads now.  Please stop by and take a look!

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Pads in Stock at Amy's Rag Bag
logo by steph_and_hop

I haven't posted in a while and it looks like there are lots of new(ish) people in the community.  Welcome!  I'm Laura, the seamster at Amy's Rag Bag.  I just moved to Arcosanti AZ and am settling in happily.  I'm not reunited with my sewing machine yet (hopefully that will happen in January) but in the mean time I have some pads in stock that I've listed at Cloth Pad Shop.  I'll make weekly trips to the post office every Monday.