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Wingless Liners
This may be a silly question, but how do you use wingless panty liners? Wouldn't they just slip everywhere? I know to use tight underwear, but it still seems like they would move.
Thanks for the help!

Buying From Canada?
Does anyone have any recommendations for cloth pads in Canada or for stores that won't cost an arm and a leg for shipping?
I mostly need liners, maybe one or two regulars, and a longer one for overnight. I recently started using my menstrual cup (after giving up on it last year due to a daunting learning curve lol) and now I've discovered cloth pads and a laundry list of reasons to switch my liners and such!
Even if the store isn't Canadian, but has reasonable shipping, I'm happy :) I don't have a lot of extra money to spend right now unfortunately.

Thank you very much! I'll look into them all now :) One last question: Does a liner last all day as backup (providing you don't leak really bad or anything)?

Similar to Blossom pads?
WoO: rainbow
In terms of overnight, heavy flow pads, I love the two pads I have from Blossom Pads. However, she's had a lot going on for the past couple years so the store has only been stocked rarely, and every time I want to get a few more, the shop is closed. Which is totally understandable and fine. But does anyone have some suggestions for pads similar to them? She does carry velour pads but I prefer the flannel. They're pretty bulky but that's ok. I really like the shape of the wings. Ideas?

FREE: Sckoon Pads
Hi all, I'm moving soon and wanted to ask if anyone wanted my pre-loved Sckoon holders and liners. I wasn't sure if anyone would be interested, but thought I'd ask here before throwing it out. I'd hate for them to go to waste as I spent a lot of money on these.. Sckoon is pricey :(

There are about 12-15 holders (mini and day), and a handful of mini and day liners (there won't be enough liners for all the holders, but you could just use any folded cloth as liners). I'm still in the process of de-stashing so may include pads from other etsy brands as well.

I don't have photos but there is a sckoon tag here you can check out.. I think one of them contained photos.

I'm going to be insanely busy so I would prefer to ship everything off to one person; it would be great if you could just pay for shipping (if you are able to) - I'm in Singapore and I don't expect shipping to cost more than SGD$10-15 anywhere in the world.

Please comment if you are interested; first come first served! Or if you know a place I could donate these to, that'll be really helpful. Thanks! :)

Would this work as a backing fabric?
holger badstuber
Hi everyone. I've decided to make my own cloth pads as I can't afford to buy any.
I've decided to use cotton on top (and maybe some with bamboo velour), bamboo fleece inside (this one: is that alright?), and some kind of fleece for the backing. But there's so many different types of fleece I don't know which would be suitable.

Would this polar fleece work as a water-resistant backing?

I was looking at this microfleece:, but then someone said you shouldn't use microfleece as a backing material.

Thanks for any help :)

Rip off of Luna Wolf pattern/tutorial set
kirsty maccoll
EDIT: The pattern/tutorial set has now been removed from Etsy! :) It's still on her own website and on Pinterest though, so I will be chasing those up next.

EDIT 2: Relisted on Esty with a different picture and a few edits, but still using my words. Reported. I have yet to determine if the downloadable product being sold is the same infringement.

Hi everyone,

It has been brought to my attention that the pattern and tutorial set I created in 2008, and still sell through my website today, has been ripped off by an Etsy seller called "Happy Moon Pads".

This is my original pattern and tutorial set:

You can see from the picture that the text on the pattern reads "Copyright Luna Wolf 2008. For personal or non profit use only."

This is the ripped off pattern:

As you can see, it is identical, but the text pertaining to Luna Wolf has been removed. Her price also undercuts mine. Unbelievably, she is also selling a licence which enables the buyer to sell pads made FROM MY PATTERNS - as long as they give credit to HER SHOP!

PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PATTERN/TUTORIAL SET FROM HAPPY MOON PADS! This is MY work, for which I can provide the original hand-drafted patterns if anybody would like to see them. Please do not give your money to somebody who is making money dishonestly off of somebody else's hard work and creativity.

I have contacted Etsy, but whether they will do anything about it is anyone's guess.

Thanks for reading.



Mimi's Dreams Advertising/ Giveaway Spam!
Just wanted to let you all know I'm running a giveaway on my Facebook page for this Overnight in the Paris Streets print with a moderate hemp core. There is no purchase necessary, shipping to the winner is free, worldwide.

I've also loaded lots of new pads to my Etsy shop, don't forget to use the code LIVEJOURNAL for 10% off your order!

Punky's Pads Spam - Free Shipping!
Hey ladies, just popping in with a little friendly spam! I'm offering free shipping (within the US only) on all instock pads in my Punky's Pads ebay shop! The free shipping ends Thursday, July 24 at midnight! Thanks!

Back to Cloth
Nyotalia, Sweden, Ingrid
I've been a long time lurker and after many years, have finally decided to join the community and make myself a nice set of cloth pads. I first found out about cloth pads junior year of college out of desperation...I had run out of pads, had no money (in between paychecks and I wasn't skipping groceries for pads) and my period decided to pay me a visit. After fighting the yuck factor, I folded up a washcloth and called it a day. Best experience ever, never bought pads the rest of that year and did a ton of research into making my own pads whenever I found some free time. Unfortunately that free time never came and I went back to disposable products the next year and have been there ever since.

Fast forward a few years. This past week, I got the worst pad rash ever and decided enough was enough, the cloth was coming back. I had scored quite a bit of terry from the remnants rack at Joann's a couple year ago, intending to make pads but never getting around to it because of a lack of free time. Lucky me, I had some time off work, and flannel was on sale at Joann's.

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kirsty maccoll
Hello! I used to be active on here a few years ago when I was running my cloth pad business, Luna Wolf. I hope everyone is well. I just wanted to let you know that I'm destashing a lot of my fabric super cheap in the DIY Pads community, in case anyone is interested:

Also, I was just wondering if anyone knows of any charities that are accepting ready made cloth pads these days? Preferably UK/EU so I don't have to spend a fortune on shipping.


Vicky :)