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DIY/Around the House Materials

I recently started getting into reusables. I bought a menstrual cup and used it for my last cycle, and I'm very happy with it. However, I'd like to get a few cloth pads and pantiliners to use as well.

My mom has been pretty supportive of my choice to use RUMPs, so that isn't a problem. However, money is.

I'm a teenager that has no job -- meaning very little income.

I really want to get some pads to use, but I only have around $40 MAXIMUM to spend at the moment. I could save up over time, but I still would like to get some cheaper options.

Could someone point me toward a less expensive source of pads or liners, or help me figure out how to make my own? I'm mainly in need of liners, so pads are pretty much optional if need be.

If possible, I'd like to use some at-home materials. I have some fleece, denim, a bit of flannel, and MAYBE cotton fabric, if they would be useful. I also have cotton yarn, if it's possible to knit or crochet them. Is there anything I could use that I might have in my home -- for instance, cotton socks?

Brand New YurtCraft Destashing!!!!!!!
Hello everyone! I recently bought some yurtcraft pads and these were the few pads that did not fit me. I have not used these, I only washed them and tried them on. I will wash them again before shipping them. These are the perfect pads if you want to have something for day and night protection. They are all cotton topped with an organic bamboo cottion core and windpro polyester fleece backing. I have:
1-16" pad (heavy absorbency)
1-14.5" pad (heavy absorbency)
1-12.5" pad (Limited Print)heavy absorbency
1-10.5" pad (heavy absorbency)

                                                                      The 16" pad

  The 14.5" pad

                                                             The 12.5" pad

                                                                    The 10.5" pad

                                                           The back view

All together i am charging $40 including shipping since they are new.

Destash: 7-8" PiMPs, Pink Lemonade, C-Pop Commodities

8 pads, all 7-8 inches long -- too short for me, but may be more comfortable for others. Although none of them have been heavily used because of the length issue and I've washed them thoroughly, all have some degree of staining, which I've tried my best to show in the photos.

I'd prefer to sell the whole lot for $18.25 but if not, prices are listed next to the item names.

PayPal preferred. Shipping will have to be as calculated (but I'll charge less than the actual rate) unless you buy the lot, in which case I'll ship for a flat $2.

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Washing Help
So I haven't had much problem getting blood and stains out of my cloth liners, but that's the only substance that DOES come out with my basic wash routine (cold water soak/pretreat if needed, machine wash in a thin pillowcase to keep safe from the rest of my wash.) Any tips for removing discharge from cloth liners?

Tips for hand washing pads
Hi everyone, I've been using cloth pads for a few months as a back up for my menstrual cup (and for lighter days when I'm too lazy to use the cup). My living situation only allows me to wash them by hand. However, I find that they are getting really stiff and stains are getting harder to remove. Here's my typical cleaning routine (sometimes I wash them right after I'm done wearing them, but lately I've been busy so I wait until I'm done with my period and do them all at once):

1) Rinse the pad under cold water until the water comes out clear
2) Use baking soda (making a paste with water) and a bit of Diva wash (this is my way of using that up since I bought it and have found that I have no use for it). I try to rub it in with my hands, but some times I will use a toothbrush to lightly get the baking soda in there.
3) I rinse the pad and if I feel that it might need more washing I'll do the baking soda again. Or I will just spread the baking soda paste on the pad and let it sit while I work on another pad.
4) If I find that I have a lot of staining, I use Oxo-Brite on the pads. I mix it with the baking soda paste.
5) Then I let the pads air dry in indirect sun light (they get some sunlight for a bit but not constantly).

Any recommendations? Am I doing something wrong? I know some people like to soak their pads, but I'm scared of getting mold.

In need of experienced user opinion
Hello everyone!
I'm just getting into reusable menstrual products and after looking over everything, I think I could use some opinions from seasoned users.
I'm planning on using cloth pads/liners as a backup to a menstrual cup. I'm a bit nervous to try them both at the same time and the reason leads to my question. First, I have a hard time telling if I'm leaking (during tampon use) or if my flow is just heavy. Second, if I know/think I'm leaking and I'm at work, it could be up to an hour before I can get to a bathroom. So my question is: Should I be okay with liners or should I get something more absorbent? I currently use Always Ultra-Thins and it handled a sudden and heavy start to my period for a half hour to an hour without much problem. How would it compare to cloth liners? (and what brands/sellers?) I got my free PIMP liner and am interested in Mimi's Dreams, Novel Red, and Domino as well. I also just discovered WeeEssentials.

Tree Hugger on TV
Hey All,

TreeHugger will on the TV show Dragon's Den on January 28th. While this is not my favorite brand, I am excited to see cloth get some coverage on TV! Go team cloth!

Maybe this has previously been discussed here -- my apoligies if I missed it, or if this type of thing isn't allowed to be posted here.

Happy new year!

Brands that will and won't be sold in the USA in 2015
Recently many cloth pad makers became aware that legally they have to be compliant with the FDA if they are based in the US or sell to the US.  Compliance involves a fee of $3,646 for 2015 and it increases every year.  With this new knowledge many makers have decided to become compliant or close shop/stop selling to the US.
I want to compile a list of all the compliant brands of cloth menstrual pads companies so Americans know where to look in the future and list those that are unfortunately shutting down or ending sales to the US so people know what happened to certain brands (and maybe support them while they still can).  If you know of any others please add them here, the list is definitely incomplete.  Keep in mind things might change, there's the petition going around and a lot people want to change this.  Hopefully this list will soon become outdated in a good way.

*Updated 2/27*
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chin up silhouette
Did anyone else see that this?

Apparently they want to start charging a fee for cloth pad makers.

laundry for a newbie
Hi Everyone,
I'm new to cloth pads (I just got a few, I haven't even used them yet ;) but I'm excited to try them next month!) I've been reading about cleaning them in preparation for next month, and it seems like there are several different philosophies. I'm sure there's no "one correct way" that works for everyone, but I'm hoping to hear some of why people prefer their chosen method and get some tips to figure out what I will do.
First of all, some laundry background: I live alone, and I have an ANCIENT septic system, so I don't do laundry very often (like every two weeks max, I just own a lot of underwear and socks and mostly only do laundry when I run out) and I try to use all natural cleaners. I also normally put 1/2 cup vinegar in the rinse cycle, as a fabric softener, because I hang dry a lot of my clothes, and I normally use a dryer sheet in the dryer (but I already know not to do that with the pads).
Anyway, I've read about rinsing, soaking, wet-bagging, dry-bagging, etc, and I'm a little confused/overwhelmed. I could just hand wash them, and I probably will do that mid-cycle, until I have a bigger stash. But after I have enough pads to last a cycle, I don't think I would like to have a soaking pot, because I will almost definitely forget to change the water daily. Should I rinse them and then hang dry them and then wait for laundry day? Some of the pad makers actually recommend doing nothing before laundry day, but I feel like they aren't thinking of waiting for two weeks... How much will they strain if I don't rinse them? I don't mind a bit of staining, but I don't want them to look totally disgusting. By the way, the pads I have are all cotton topped. So then, I think my choices are:
1. Hand wash (always)
2. Rinse after cycle, hang dry, wait for laundry day.
3. Just fold them up and toss them in the hamper after cycle.
I welcome any opinions or suggestions (and thank you for reading my novel!)
As a sort of side note, would anyone be willing to share some photos of pads they've had for a while, to show examples of how much staining to expect, or is that too weird of a request? If you're willing, please tell your washing method as well.


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